Recruiting position 1:

Workshop assembler;2 people

Duties and requirements:

Mainly responsible: Assemble medium and low voltage components and obey the arrangement of workshop leaders.

Electrical machinery and other related majors are preferred, fresh students can be recruited.

Recruiting position 2:

Marketing Specialist;2 people

Duties and requirements:


1.Responsible for regional market development, customer maintenance and sales management of products. 

2.Develop sales plans and actively expand new businesses and major customers.                   

3. Establish a customer management system, participate in customer maintenance, create project opportunities, and ultimately promote transaction opportunities.           

Possess a certain level of documentation, and can skillfully apply word, ppt and other common office software to form documents that can be delivered to users.           

Work place in Changzhou, can accept business trip.

job requirements:         

More than 1-3 years of working background in the power industry, accepting excellent fresh graduates, a university major in power systems and automation or electronic power is preferred, those with certain power industry customer resources are preferred, and those with power industry sales experience are preferred.        

Have strong interpersonal communication skills and market development capabilities.        

Strong communication skills, strong execution, clear logical thinking and pragmatic spirit。

Company treatment:

1. Implementation of 8 hours / day, 5 days / week working time

2. Piece-rate system, depending on the type of work, more work and more

3. Overtime pay according to state regulations

4. Sign labor contract upon entry, pay five insurances and one fund

5.Buy commercial insurance for every employee

6. Implementing national holidays

7, good working environment, workshop has air conditioning

8. Free working meals and overtime meals

9. Annual salary adjustment policy

10. Annual Spring Festival Gala, dinner and raffle for all employees

11. Free health checkup for employees every year

12. Major holiday gifts

13. Employees get married, have children, birthday gifts

14. The company has staff gyms, activity rooms, reading rooms, party member activity rooms, etc.

Company address: No. 38 Fenghuang Road, Diaozhuang Street, Tianning District, Changzhou (Buildings 13 and 14 of Cailing Science and Technology Park)

Bus: No. 17 to the east of Linggang Bridge; No. 217 to Ligong Road of Fenghuang Road; No. 303 to Zhongwu Avenue of Fenghuang Road

Contact Tel: Ms. Wan 88110708, Ms. Shao 68868916

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