Changzhou Natu inherits German Natu focus on integrated distribution solutions for 60 years
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North Star Transmission and Distribution Network News: With the national economy taking off, China has become the world's second largest power market 32% worldwide

The rapid development of China's power industry has also driven the rise of domestic related equipment companies, especially China's smart grid construction, which has further activated domestic power equipment companies.

    The 16th China International Power Equipment and Technology Exhibition (EP China), hosted by the China Electricity Enterprise Federation and organized by Hong Kong Adsale Exhibition Services Co., Ltd., was held at the China International Exhibition Center in Beijing. Although the Chinese economy has entered a new normal and the economic growth has slowed down, this exhibition is not only unaffected, but has attracted many new faces to join.


Natus Booth

  Natus (Changzhou) Electric Co., Ltd. is a rising star in the field of power distribution. With the world's advanced technology production process, innovative products and user-oriented service concepts, it has become an advanced leader in the power industry. Natusheadquarters in Trier, Germany was established in 1956. Natus (Changzhou) Electric Co., Ltd. is a joint venture company established by Natus in 2009 in Changzhou. Natu Electric is a pioneer in power integration technology. It has advanced medium and low power distribution systems and industrial automation, IP54-IP68 intensive busbars and services, and integration of power systems and a set of comprehensive solutions to provide users with optimized designs and Project management. Up to now, Natu Electric has mainly engaged in four businesses: switchgear, service, automation and solutions. It has actively established Natus well-known brands and won a good reputation from customers.

Committed to becoming an expert in safe power distribution

In this exhibition, Natus Electric brought intelligent low-voltage withdrawable switchgear. With modular compact design, unique DTS patented technology and linear explosion-proof door lock, the extremely high safety and flexibility are amazing. In addition, Nato Electric has also developed withdrawable medium-voltage switchgear, solid-sealed medium-voltage vacuum circuit breakers, draw-in power distribution cabinets, and low-voltage busway systems, switch systems and service support, and automation control systems. Products to provide customers with high-quality, high-standard integrated solutions to achieve safe energy distribution.


Exhibited Products

  According to Huang Xuming, Nato Marketing Director, the company currently focuses on producing high and low voltage products under the Nato brand, and is committed to becoming an expert in safety power distribution equipment, providing customers with innovative solutions and integrated services. Nato Electric's joint venture factory in China has acquired German international manufacturing experience and advanced technology to meet the needs of the localized market. In today's market, the number of product suppliers and product types are also increasing. Huang Xuming said that in addition to providing a single product, what customers need most is to provide a reasonable solution for the entire system. Natus can not only save customers time and investment, the most important thing is to achieve the safe operation of the system. Advantage. In terms of application areas, Natus has previously focused on the industrial sector. This year, the proportion of investment in high-end commercial real estate has gradually increased. In the future, Natus will strengthen its promotion in the power sector, and at the same time do a good job of balancing the industrial and power sectors.


Natus Interviewed by Polaris Transmission and Distribution Network


Distribution network is an important public infrastructure for national economic and social development. In order to implement the policy of stable growth of the central government, the construction and transformation of the distribution network is accelerated. The investment in power transmission and distribution in the United States, Britain, Japan and other countries is about 1.2 times the investment in power supply, and the investment in distribution network is more than double the investment in transmission network. However, the investment in China's distribution network is less than half. Last year, the National Energy Administration issued the Action Plan for the Construction and Transformation of Distribution Networks (2015-2020). 

The document states that from 2015 to 2020, the investment in the construction and transformation of distribution networks is not less than 2 trillion yuan, accumulating during the "13th Five-Year Plan" The investment is not less than 1.7 trillion yuan. At present, this is undoubtedly the largest cake in the distribution network market in the next five years. And switch equipment is only a small part of it, and more distribution equipment companies will also lead the upsurge of distribution network construction.

    Natus is a German family-owned company. Through many years of experience in switchgear production, research and development and overall solutions, the joint venture factory in China is committed to providing customers with more secure and reliable system services. For the future, Natus Electric will always take "quality, safety, innovation" as the motto of the company's development, adhere to the user-oriented, and provide customers with effective and comprehensive system solutions.

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