• Power Line Epoxy Bus

Power Line Epoxy Bus

Powerline Features

POWERLINE has taken low-voltage distribution to a whole new level of security

Removable connection

POWERLINE busway uses modular connection design, installation and removal

Unloading is quick and easy. The patented connector is safe and reliable, thanks to the fixed type

Bolted connections and advanced design concepts. Removable connector protection

The rating is IP68.


Plug-in functional unit

Plug-in functional unit is compatible with Natu epoxy resin cast busway system

Combined so that the operator can increase or decrease the load at any time without the need

Power off. Plug-in functional unit is simple to install, safe to operate and has

Extreme flexibility. 1250A and below can be expanded with plug-in components

Exhibition, 2000A can be expanded with bolt-type connection parts.


Suitable for various operating conditions

Compact design (30% less installation space than conventional busbar equipment)

♦ Protection grade IP68 (suitable for various environments)

♦ Insulation class F (-40ºC— 55ºC for indoor and outdoor use)

♦ Very high overload capacity (25% overload allowed within 2 hours)

♦ Reliable fire and explosion resistance


Design basis standard

IEC60439-2, IEC60529, IEC332

CNS14286, CNS12514, CNS14165,


JIS C8364, JIS A1034, JIS H3140

GB7251.1, GB7251.2

ANSI / UL857


Powerline security

Waterproof: IP68

NATUS resin-molded busway has a fully-closed, integrally-molded design structure. The conductor is completely molded and encapsulated in the epoxy composite structure. The excellent bonding and sealing characteristics of the epoxy material make the molded busway have excellent Waterproof performance.

Suitable for places with severe climatic factors and on-site environmental conditions.

♦ Passing outdoor, pipe bridge, pipe trench, air-conditioning room and other environments prone to cold and hot condensate problems;

♦ Environments with many fire protection, water supply pipelines and chemical pipelines;

♦ Clean room (water pipeline, chemical liquid ...)

♦ Ports and docks near the sea are vulnerable to salt water and gas.

Fire protection: CNS12514 840 ℃ 30min

IEC331 750 ℃ 3hr

DIN4102-9 S120

Obtaining KEMA, Germany, and Taiwan's fire resistance and fire certificate can meet the requirements of the latest fire protection regulations to ensure that in the event of a fire accident, reliable emergency power can be continuously supplied to reduce or eliminate personal injuries and equipment damage. Important considerations for electricity safety.

Shock resistance: 0.8g

Earthquake resistance level> 0.4g = magnitude 7 simulates the actual building structure for earthquake resistance test, including steel structure, horizontal busway, vertical busway, busway elbow, insertion unit, hanger, spring frame, etc., to ensure that all components can be bear.

Explosion protection: Exmll

It is suitable for explosion-proof places with harsh environment, gas stations, oil refineries, offshore oil platforms, wind power generation, tunnels, etc.

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